• Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding Student Breakfast and Lunch Accounts


    What is available to my student daily and where can I find menus?

    • Breakfast and lunch are available every school day to every student in the district. Menus are accessible at . Families may also wish to download the free Nutrislice app.
    • In addition to breakfast and lunch, a variety of snacks that meet Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “” standards for nutrition are also available to purchase. Examples include Hershey’s lowfat frozen yogurt treats, reduced fat chips, and whole grain rice treats.

    What does a full meal include?

    • Breakfast menus offer a variety of entrées, fruit, and milk selections daily. When offered, students must choose at least ½ cup fruit and two other items to make a meal. Lunch menus entrée offer a variety of choices for students, including hot items, grilled favorites, hearty salads, and sandwiches that provide meat/meat alternates and grains, along with milk, fruits, and vegetable side items. Many schools offer vegetable and fruit bars with a rainbow of produce! Students will find greens, carrots, fresh broccoli, zucchini sticks, and seasonal fresh fruits.
    • Of the five components offered, students MUST take at least ½ cup of fruit OR a vegetable and a minimum of two other foods for a reimbursable meal when a choice is offered.

    My child has specific dietary restrictions. How can I be sure that the food meets their needs?

    • Nutritional information is most easily accessed via the Nutrislice App. Click on the school, choose the item, and the nutritional information will pop up. Nutritional information may also be found on the district’s website at . Families can speak directly to Dawn Schlotter about any food and dietary issue. Please contact Dawn at Dschlotter@cbsd.org or at 267-893-5755.

    How do I add money to my student’s account?

    • Money may be added to student lunch accounts using , or by sending cash or checks made out to 一本道 to the cafeteria with your child. Remember, the envelope should be clearly marked “Lunch Program,” and include the child’s name, amount to be deposited, teacher’s room number, and parent contact information in the event of any questions. At , families can track cafeteria purchases, monitor account balances, set automatic payments, and add special notes. This site will also enable you to set “low balance reminders” that will generate an email to you when your child’s account falls below your preset amount.

    What is my child allowed to charge?

    • Charge policy: When a student’s lunch account has no funds, or a negative balance, a breakfast and/or lunch will be made available to that student and the account will be charged. No a la carte items may be charged to any account with a negative balance. Communication will be emailed monthly informing parents/guardians that there is a negative account balance.
    • The amendment to Section 1337 of the Pennsylvania Public School Code prohibits schools from refusing a student a reimbursable meal if the student requests one, regardless of that student’s ability to pay for the meal at the time of service. Schools may only withhold meals from a students if they receive written instruction from a parent or guardian.

    How do I monitor my students’ purchases?

    • Parents and guardians can easily monitor all of their students’ transactions on a daily basis at . If you have any questions regarding a transaction, or if you believe a mistake has been made, call Matt Taglieber at 267-893-5754 or email MTAGLIEBER@一本道.ORG.

    How do I control my students’ purchases?

    • Send an email to mscolastico@cbsd.org with the restrictions you would like to put on your student’s account. These restrictions will be appear as a pop-up note for the cafeteria cashier when your student comes through the breakfast and/or lunch line. For example: “No Snacks on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays,” or “Ice Cream only on Tuesdays.”

    Please note, if your instructions say No Charging at All, we will refuse your child a meal if their lunch account is negative.  Please communicate this with your student.

    My family qualified for free/reduced-priced meals last year. Do I need to do anything for this school year?

    • Yes, the free and reduced lunch program guidelines require a new application each school year. For the first 30 calendar days of the new school year, any student who was previously eligible for free and reduced lunches will continue to be eligible. However, to avoid disruption in your child’s status, a new application should be received in the 一本道 accounting office by early September. The application, and all instructions for applying may be found at