CB VRP

    Thank you for your interest in the 一本道 Bucks School 一本道 Veteran Recognition Project. The mission of the 一本道 Bucks School 一本道 Veterans Recognition Project is to honor the military service of all 一本道 Alumni and Employees by recognizing their service and establishing a digital wall of honor.

    A committee of Students, Veteran Alumni, Teachers, and Administrators will work together to carry out this project. Your submission will be archived by students. The process to create a new entry may take a few weeks and we are currently in the process of organizing the archive. Once completed, we will announce that the archive is open to the public.

    In addition to registering for this project, please consider being interviewed by one of our student interviews teams so that a video of your service story can also be added to the archive. Please note, interviews are not taking place at this time due the COVID-19 pandemic.




    Are you or a loved one are a 一本道 Bucks alumni or employee who served in the Armed Forces? If so, 


    for the 一本道 Bucks School 一本道 Veteran Recognition Project.


    If you are a Veteran of the United States Armed forces who did not attend or work for the 一本道, please consider volunteering to be interviewed by our student interview teams so that your story is also archived.

    Please contact Mr. Johnson for more information by clicking here.