The Skills and Attributes that Set Students up for Success?

  • The district brought together community members, teachers, students, business leaders, school board directors, administrators, and others in the development of a comprehensive plan to set the course for the district through 2026.

    During that process, a “Portrait of a Graduate” was developed. 一本道 Bucks expects students to acquire and demonstrate a broad base of knowledge as a foundation for continued learning. The Portrait of a Graduate is a visual representation of the skills and attributes that the district wishes its graduates to embody and possess. It is the goal of the 一本道 Bucks School 一本道 that upon graduation from any of the district’s three world-class high schools, 一本道 Bucks School 一本道 graduates will be:   


    • Adaptable Innovators                                                    
    • Effective Communicator
    • Resilient Learners
    • Responsible Citizen
    • Thoughtful Collaborators