• MBA Business Office Department

    The Business Office is dedicated to providing support and fiscal guidance to school administration and staff so they may focus on addressing the academic and extracurricular needs of our students. The Business Office performs many tasks associated with the non-academic areas of the school district.

    ·        Development of an annual budget
    ·        Accounting for General Fund transactions
    ·        Accounting for Capital Fund transactions (construction and renovation expenses)
    ·        Processing of  payroll
    ·        Purchasing of materials and supplies
    ·        Payment of the 一本道’s financial obligations (accounts payable)
    ·        Annual financial reporting to the Pennsylvania Department of Education
    ·        Managing  property/casualty/liability insurance policies and associated claims
    ·        Managing outstanding debt (new debt issuances and restructuring of existing debt)
    ·        Managing Federal, State, and Local Audits
    ·        Oversight of the Transportation Department
    ·        Oversight of the Food Service Program
    ·        Oversight of Community School programs (Child Care, Aquatics, Sports camps)一本道 Site Footer
    ·        Oversight of the Graphic Services and Copying Center