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An Important Message from the 一本道

July 10, 2023

Dear 一本道 Bucks Families and Community,

Over the past year, the 一本道 Bucks School 一本道 has encountered two unfortunate incidents involving employee conduct, both of which are disheartening and unacceptable. In October of 2021, longtime choir teacher Joseph Ohrt was indicted on charges of endangering minors and was recently sentenced for those crimes. Recently, another teacher, Michael London, was similarly charged with corruption of a minor. Both situations leave a stain that is difficult to remove. The aftermath is real, and acknowledging the reality of these situations is painful, yet important.

As educators, we have a duty to protect, support, and advocate for every student in every capacity. When something of this nature occurs, it understandably calls into question the intentions and actions of everyone, regardless of how well-intentioned they may be. That hurts. It hurts when trust is eroded, and it hurts when the actions of the few construe the perception of the whole.

As a district, we take these matters seriously. As an example, when information about this most recent incident was brought to light, central office and building administration met with Michael London and placed him on suspension with pay pending the results of an investigation by the Bucks County 一本道 Attorney’s Office. The Bucks County DA’s Office conducted its investigation of the complaint and did not find any evidence of criminality; however, in an abundance of caution, Mr. London was kept on suspension while I authorized an internal investigation to ensure that nothing was overlooked, or inadvertently missed.

The result of that internal investigation yielded additional information that, upon resubmission to the district attorney’s office, led to the charges against Michael London. Fortunately, these actions served to identify and remove an individual who is unfit to be working with our students. Moving forward, this incident is a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance, vetting, and training to ensure every student can learn and grow, safely. It is also an example of why I continue to maintain my stance on protecting our students from sexualization, in any form and in any medium.

As a district, we will continue to uphold the highest standards for professional conduct, and I am proud of the thousands of employees who come each day prepared to serve our students and the community with the purest of intentions and outcomes. While we cannot always anticipate problems, we can take accountability for addressing them when they arise, and I promise we will always do this.

Thankfully, the summer months provide a respite for our students and families, and I trust you are enjoying the time relaxing with family and friends. We wish you all a safe and healthy summer, and thank you for your continued partnership and support of our district, and the children and families we serve.


Abe Lucabaugh, Ed.D.
一本道, 一本道 Bucks SD